If you are looking for place to visit in Colombia and you like adventure, nature and culture, pack your suitcase because we have compiled 4 destinations to discover the charm of Colombia, the beauty of its landscapes, its people and its biodiversity.

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1. The Chorrera de Choachi

In the municipality of Choachí is the La Chorrera Adventure Park, home to a cloud forest full of orchids, bromeliads, birds and the beautiful waterfalls of La Chorrera and El Chiflón.

La Chorrera is at least 590 meters high, it is classified as the highest waterfall in Colombia and the sixth highest in all of South America. One of the best natural attractions in the country, because it crosses the beauty of the Andean forest and culminates just below the imposing waterfall to see its impressive fall.

What to do | Walk through the cloud forest to the waterfalls, go horseback riding, practice caving and rappelling, and outside the park, visit the little town of Choachí and the Santa Mónica Hot Springs.

Where to stay in coachi?

Lodging | Take your tent and sleep in one of the camping areas of Parque Aventura La Chorrera from $ 15,000 COP.

Hotel In Choachí: Bellavista Hotel, Al Alba Jardín Hotel, El Porvenir and La Trini.


The Tatacoa desert is actually a tropical dry forest, and the second largest arid zone in Colombia, after La Guajira. A place so silent and free of light pollution, that it is one of the best scenarios to enjoy the meteor showers.

If you are passionate about beautiful landscapes and paleontology, astronomy and camping attract your attention, La Tatacoa is one of the tourist places in Colombia that you must visit, because in this place there is the highest concentration of fossils in Colombia, an incredible astronomical observatory and one of the best places to camp.

What to do | Take this guided tour, which will take you to know the reddish labyrinths of Cuzco and the valleys of the gray area of ​​Los Hoyos, some incredible viewpoints such as the Cardón sector, the Xilópalos Valley, the Sand Zoo and the Astronomical Observatory .

Lodging | Sueño Real Tatacoa, Diomatal Ecoresort, Payande, Hotel Colonial Villavieja. En Neiva: Hostal Backpackers And Travellers y La Cabrera Hotel Boutique.


Is one of the main cultural and archaeological centers of Colombia. An old citadel in the heart of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. This is the Colombian Machu Picchu, where the Kogui, Arhuaco, Wiwa and Kankuamos indigenous peoples live.

Teyuna or Lost City, was built around 700 AD, is 1,200 meters above sea level, and thanks to its location it remained hidden from the Spanish conquerors and the influence of the West, until it was discovered in the decade of 1970.

What to do | Enjoy one of the best trekking routes in Colombia. A challenging and rewarding experience, which will take you along the way in the company of an indigenous guide and in which you will have to cross rivers, swim in waterfalls, climb slopes, descend mountains, cross hanging bridges and jump over large rocks.


Santa Cruz de Mompox or Mompós is one of the tourist places in Colombia, located in the north of the country and in the south of the department of Bolívar. One of the Heritage Towns of Colombia and a jewel of the colonial era declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO , in which culture, religiosity and history are breathed.

Mompox, is one of the little-known destinations in Colombia, since it is located in the hidden interior of the Caribbean Coast, on Margarita Island and in the middle of the Magdalena and Cauca rivers. A beautiful place that has kept its colonial architecture intact and in which pure magical realism is breathed.

What to do | Get to know the 7 churches of Mompox, visit the filigree workshops, navigate through the Pijiño swamp, and walk through the Albarrada and the Pasajes de la Marquesa, a street whose neighbor is the river, and on whose terraces are the best restaurants.

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